Grace Music

Join Our Music Program. We have a choir, a band, and a youth scholarship. Click here for more information

Small Groups

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Common Grounds
At WindCrest Senior Living Facility on the 2nd Monday at 2pm

Common Grounds meets at Wind Crest Senior Living Facility once a month on the second Monday at 2pm to discuss theology and faith. All are welcome. For the latest information, Contact Dave Van Deren at

Be The Hands Of God In Our Community

Hubs of Grace is an already existing hub in your life that Grace is challenging you to care for. Hubs allows you to thrive in your natural settings and continuously invite others into the space. Contact Dani Hillyer for more information at

Theology Tap
Community Discussion - 2nd Tuesday of the month

Theology on Tap is an informal discussion of a theological topic of current interest over dinner/drinks at Highlands Ranch Rock Bottom Restaurant at 6:30 pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Contact Pastor Dave Van Deren for more information at

Circle of Patience
Third Wednesday at 7pm

The Circle of Patience generally consists of women who have grandchildren though all women are welcome to join. We meet the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in members' homes.

For more information contact Alison Cejka at

Joy Circle
Meet Monthly

The Joy Circle is made up women in the empty-nest phase of life. We encourage all women of all ages to join. We meet once a month at 6:30 pm in a members' homes. We rotate locations.

Contact Georgia Olave for more information:

Dinner For Eight
Groups form in the Fall annually

Dinner for Eight is a social event so we can get to know each other better. Sign-up is in the fall with the facilitator assigning participants into groups of 6 or 8. The groups then make their own plans for when, where, and how often to meet. Contact Elaine Cline for more information at

Women of Grace

The Women of Grace was formed in 2022 as a way to connect the many generations of women at Grace. We meet quarterly together for womens' gatherings or events. We also organize the annual womens' retreat.

Contact Sheila Chester for more information: