Trust Not Transaction

God is not a genie. Religion often is a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” exchange. Life happens. Trials and tribulations are experienced. They makes us mature, complete. We worship a generous God who gives to us, comes alongside of us, and is here with us in the midst of the sufferings and difficulties. When we say we have faith, belief, trust, it is in this - not the transaction, not that God is going to magically rescue us, or that God owes us because of all of the religion we have performed and participated in. Riches fade (and cannot be trusted). God can’t be bought. And God isn’t bringing these trials into our life (bad karma). No temptations come from our ego, our desires gone awry. This is the way of death. Generosity of spirit, trust, and faith leads to life - for you and for the world.

Based on Scripture: James 1:2-16